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Stéphano karaté maitre is copylefted under the GNU General Public License by the S.S.M.T.F.

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Stéphano sprites

Stéphano karaté maitre is a classic karaté maitre with beer truck and living deads, playable up to 12 human or automatic players.

Get Stéphano karaté maitre as an ISO image

You can get the source code

In game controls

Stéphano sprites
left / rightmove your sprite left and right
Ahit with your foot
Xhit with your hand
Bspecial key : run and climb
A+B+C+STARTreboot (any time)

These basic control can be combined to run, jump, climp and so on. It's up to you to discover how


Thanks, and have a nice Stéphano.

Last Update : 2005.12.05 -- Vreuzon -- Sega Saturn Multiplayer Task Force